I just have two quick questions about scuff sheets.

(1) Are they worth having, ie do the give good protection and not hamper the performance of the bat?

(2) If I were to get one, is it a good idea to get a plain one1 or a fibreglass one2?

Plain Sheet (eBay)

Fibreglass Sheet (eBay)

Any help would be most appreciated! :)

Note: I do already have protective tape to put on the edges also.


I've no empirical evidence to back it up but I don't believe they hamper the performance of the bat and they do take some of the impact. I have a five or six year old bat with a lot less horizontal cracking than I have previous had in bats of a similar vintage. For what it's worth I'd recommend fitting it. If you are going to fit it, take the tape off the edges first and then re-apply new tape after the anti scuff is on or it'll all get a bit messy.

Personally I use the clear one, it looks nicer for a start! I think the best you can get is helicopter scuff sheet which is clear. If you goto http://custombats.co.uk/cbforum/index.php and search for scuff sheet there you will find more than enough analysis of it!

  • Do you have a recommendation for a good quality, but also cheap, scuff sheet? I saw on that forum that the eBay ones that are like £2 aren't exactly top-notch. Any recommendation?
    – Sam OT
    May 21 '14 at 19:13
  • I bought some off Bulldog Cricket but I haven't had used it yet so I can't recommend it as such, sorry! :-)
    – Adrian
    May 21 '14 at 20:34

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