I am an airsoft player and would like to reproduce the US Assault class in Battlefield 4 as seen below.

Us Assault class

For the base layer, I'm assuming any sand balaclava, sand gloves and multicam pants would do. I don't know if Dark Earth combat shirts with sand sleeves exist.

For the head part, A sand Mich 2000 or similar, sand goggles, and a Peltor Comtac.

I have absolutely no idea of what type of chest rig/plate carrier is used. Also the belt is some sort of harness ( I don't know the exact word ).

If anyone could help me, a name or a link to similar equipment would be nice.

  • I am wondering if you could post a photo of your finished loadout because I am planning to bye the same loadout. Thanks for all the information. Sincerely Coussement Benjamin CGB – user4958 Jul 3 '14 at 10:56
  • I didn't have the time to buy all of the equiment yet ( barely any actually, I'm pretty busy these days... ), but here's a video of someone who has a few parts of the loadout : Here – MAxeF Jul 7 '14 at 7:10
  • the backpack is a tier-one quality solutions slim bag.... if you would like to know.... i have been searching everywhere to find out what it is... i found it by accident when i wasnt even looking for it at the time... – user6071 Jul 13 '14 at 1:42
  • The backpack is an M9 Medical Backpack if you were wondering. – user6325 Sep 11 '14 at 1:56

From top to bottom:

  • OPS-CORE: FAST Ballistic high cut (XP) Helmet: Tan + LUX LINER H-NAPE
  • Princeton Tec Charge MPLS
  • MS2000 Strobe
  • Peltor Comtac 3
  • XGO Phase 4 Neck Gaiter in Coyote Brown
  • ESS Profile NVG Military Goggles black with gray Lenses
  • LBT 6094 in Coyote Brown
  • VIP IR LED Strobe Light
  • SAFARILAND 6378USN ALS® Low Signature Holster Multicam
  • New Eagle Industries USMC MOLLE Coyote FB 9MM Mag Pouch
  • Two red chem lights
  • Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E 40MM Grenade Molle Pouch in Coyote Tan
  • LBT-6159 Modular Double M4/M14/MP5 Mag Pouch in Coyote Brown
  • Double M67 Pouch in Coyote (NSN 8465-01-558-5185)
  • Combat First Response Pouch (Condor)
  • Tactical Tailor 40mm Belt 12rd in Foliage
  • YATES 313 Lightweight Assault Harness in Terra
  • CRYE Combat Pant AC Multicam + AirFlex™ Combat Knee Pads in Khaki
  • CRYE G3 Combat Shirt™ Khaki 400
  • TACOPS® M9 Assault Medical Backpack in coyote + IR reflective reversed Velcro Flag + three red and one white chem light
  • Lowa Elite Desert Ws

All I didn't find is the waist pouch.

I'm building the same loadout and I hope You have success.

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