Here's a short clip showing Suárez apparently trying to bite his own Liverpool teammate, who was celebrating after a goal. When did this happen? Do we know any additional context that would explain what Suárez was doing and why he was trying to do it?

Suárez seems to try to bite his own teammate

EDIT: I think @Ben is right. Suárez is trying to slide on his knees and failing. Momentum keeps his upper body moving forward even when his lower body has ground to a halt. His mouth is probably open because he's yelling (happily).

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    I don't think Suárez is trying to bite anyone here, I think he's just failing miserably at the sliding celebration maneuver. Jun 28 '14 at 21:48

This is Steven Gerrard of Liverpool (current Captain of the English national team and Liverpool) celebrating after the second goal of a game vs. Manchester United played on March 16, 2014 (the final score of that games was 3-0 for Liverpool). Gerrard scored on a penalty kick and the GIF above is the celebration after that goal.

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