I was looking at pictures of scoreboards today, and I noticed that some of them have 'B's on the boards: A basketball scoreboard with two 'B's and the lights next to them with freehand circles encircling them A basketball scoreboard with two 'B's on the left and corresponding spaces on the right for them with freehand circles encircling them all

The same thing appears on NBA games, often in the broadcast scoreboard as well: NBA broadcast scoreboard showing bonus too

I've never noticed those before. What do they mean?

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That's a bonus marker.

A team who commits 7 fouls gives the other team a bonus - which gives a free throw with every foul from that point on.

The second B on the second image indicate that a team has reached 10 fouls (in HS and college this is the double bonus and means that you shoot 2 foul shots from there forward instead of 1 and 1)


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