Total Nonstop Wrestling (TNA) fans recently voted to have the company bring back a six-sided ring(1) for their wrestlers to perform in.

How does a six-sided ring contrast from a four-sided ring? Obviously, one ring has six sides and the other has four sides, but how does this difference change the mechanics of the ring itself? (ie, Does it have more/less give? Is it more/less sturdy? etc.)


The UFC uses the octagon because it gives the fighters more actual floor area to maneuver in. By contrast a boxing ring is square so that one fighter can cut the ring off from the other fighter and force him up against the ropes as efficiently as possible.

For pro-wresting all this means absolutely nothing since it is strictly entertainment and part of entertaining is climbing up on the ring and jumping off the ropes.

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    Didn't think about the strategy part you mention in your first paragraph because of the facts you present in your second paragraph. Still interesting. – user527 Jul 14 '14 at 13:14

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