I just ordered my first longboard and was just wondering if I can put these wheels on these trucks and if you know how to do it that would be very helpful too, thanks!

http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Longboard-Skateboard-Wheels-Red-Black-83A-76x53mm-/121214682680?pt=AU_Skateboarding&hash=item1c38f54638&_uhb=1 enter image description here

40" Pintail Longboard Cruiser Skateboard: Orange

40" Pintail Longboard Cruiser Skateboard: Orange enter image description here

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Yes - they can be used. The bearing size is generally the same (with some exceptions, but those are always flagged up as such)

All you need is a wrench/spanner or pliers.

  • Undo the axle bolts holding on the existing wheels
  • Slip the old wheels off
  • Slip the new wheels on
  • Tighten up the bolts


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