Chris Davis just got a 25 game suspension for violation of the MLB's drug program for use of Adderall. He had a medical exemption in the past, but for whatever reason did not have one this year.

I could see if it was a PED for a suspension like this, but for Adderall? It might give him better focus, but he clearly had a medical reason to take it. Per the MLB Drug Rules is there much flexibility when it comes to something like this, i.e., previous exemption?

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Is the 25 game suspension for Chris Davis too much?

No. This is Chris Davis's second positive test(1).

Section 7.B (below) of the MLB Joint Drug Agreement states that a second stimulant violation is a 25-game suspension(2 - on p.22 of the MLB JDA document).

MLB JDA on Stimulant Violations

  • I would have thought that the past therapeutic use exemption would have been taken into consideration, but I guess there really isn't much flexibility in the MLB Drug Agreement. – JimmyGlenn Sep 12 '14 at 20:36
  • @JimmyGlenn the first test would have been outside the realm of the therapeutic use exemption as well. – wax eagle Sep 22 '14 at 16:34

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