What does it mean if a horse race is described as:

  • Hcap,
  • HCap Hrd,
  • Mdn Stks,
  • Nov Hrd,
  • Beg Chs,
  • Listed,
  • INHF,
  • Sell Stks

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Hcap - Handicap

Hcap HRd - Handicap Hurdle

Mdn Stks - Maiden Stakes

Nov Hrd - Novice Hurdle

Listed - Just below Group class

Not sure on the other three

For more information: http://www.flatstats.co.uk/horse-race-information.html


Beg Chs = beginner chase (higher barriers)

Sell stks = sell stakes (horses available for purchase)

INHF = Intermediate National Hunt Flat (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Hunt_flat_race)

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