In 8-Ball, after a break where no balls were sunk, the next player takes their turn. They successfully sink a ball and the balls have stopped moving, but while moving away from the table for the next shot, strike a ball with their cue. Is this foul considered part of the first shot, and the table remains open? Or is it a foul for the next shot, and the table is no longer open?

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Under World Pool-Billiard Association rules, a shot ends when the balls stop moving. Therefore, the foul would be on the next shot.

This type of foul is called a Touched Ball, and in 8-Ball, it results in the play passing to the opponent with the cue ball in hand.

Therefore, in this situation, I believe that the table would not be considered open anymore, and the player who made the break shot would get the cue ball in hand.

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