Today A. Radwanska reach the semifinals in Singapore in the WTA finals after two losing match during the round robin.

When in the past a tennis player (man or woman) won the finals after losing two matches during the round robin?

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    In Wikipedia article about ATP Wourld Tour finals (here is link to the current revision) it is claimed that: Though it is theoretically possible to advance to the semi-finals of the tournament with two round-robin losses, no player in the history of the singles tournament has won the title after losing more than one round-robin match.
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It's pretty simple really - Radwanska reached the semifinals because she, along with 2 other women in her group, all finished with a win-loss record of 1-2 after the round robin part of the tournament. So when players end up tied like that with the same win-loss record they use other stats to determine who advances to the semifinals. First they use sets won and sets lost and create a winning percentage out of that, and then games won versus games lost and the winning percentage for that. If you look here you can see that of the 3 players in her group with a 1-2 round robin record, Radwanska had the highest sets winning percentage with 42.86%.

Jelena Jankovic did this same thing just last year in the 2013 WTA Finals. She ended the round robin stage at 1-2 and made the semifinals because her group also had Sara Errani finish at 1-2 and Victoria Azarenka finish 1-2 so again, Jankovic had the best sets won vs. sets lost winning percentage.

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