I remember someone asking me about this. Is there any first-class cricketer who played before WW1 and after WW2 ?


Apparently, CK Nayudu played first-class cricket in India for an amazing 47 years, starting in 1916 (source: http://blog.thecricketer.com/?p=20215)

Other than that, I can't find anyone on Cricinfo who would have played in the span you're talking about (last match summer of 1914, next match summer of 1946). A lot of players played to the start of WW2, but first-class cricket was then suspended for the duration of the war.

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I believe you are referring to Bill Ashdown whose first-class career spanned 1914-1947.

His Cricinfo profile mentions:

He is the only man to have played first-class cricket in England before the First World War and after the Second.

I could also find one other player, D.B. Deodhar, whose first-class career spanned 1911-1947.

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