I was watching the Rangers vs Islanders game, and McDonaugh scored a goal while down on one knee, a bit like this picture.

Here is video of the goal at NHL website and on youtube.

I've seen lots of players do this before, often when someone passes across the goal on a 2 on 1.

Is there any reason why they do it? Do you get more control/accuracy like that?

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I asked my friend, who played hockey in college, and she said that it is a combination of a few things:

  • You turn some of your momentum into shot speed/power, if you do it in a single motion. Your push off the back skate can be stronger when going down to a knee, and some of that is transferred into your lower stick arm (the right arm in the above picture).
  • You are able to use more of your strength from the lower hand/arm/shoulder in that position.
  • Some players may feel they have a higher degree of accuracy, but my friend wasn't sure whether this is true or not.

I also found that it specifically allows a shot that is higher in the net with power; for example, this hockey tutorial shows how to do it. They credit Brett Hull with popularizing it, and I can't say I know whether that's true or not (as my hockey watching days date to basically early Brett Hull but not before).


It is simply because Ryan McDonaugh was not in the greatest position relative to the puck so rather than stopping the puck for a moment to position himself he got the shot off as quickly as possible in order to surprise Halák.

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