If a batsman hits a ball and the players keep running after 4 runs scored still the ball not reached the boundary. No over throw is considered. Whether all the runs will be included in batsman individual score?

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Do you mean the batsman hits it, it goes over the boundary for 4 runs, and they keep running? In that case, no further runs are counted (bar any penalties awarded) as the ball is dead once it crosses the boundary - see Law 23 - Dead Ball.

In the event that the batsmen manage to run more than 4 runs before the ball crosses the boundary, the runs ran will count, so the batsmen get the larger number of runs - see Law 19 - Boundaries.

Finally, if the ball fails to cross the boundary, the batsmen are entitled to continue running until they choose to stop, or "Lost ball" is called. See Law 18 - Scoring Runs and Law 20 - Lost Ball.


As @truedub says they score any runs that are run prior to the ball crossing the boundary.

However from the point of view of recording the number of 4 or 6 hit they only count the cases where the ball crosses the boundary they dont count all run 4 and 6.


I'm sure the batsman is allowed to run as long as he desires if the ball is not over the boundary line. The question is if the batsman run 6 times, will he be entitled as hitting a sixer.

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    This doesn't seem to add anything to that already covered by the second paragraph of TrueDub's answer. – Philip Kendall Feb 23 '15 at 19:44

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