I was wondering, whether there is some summer variant of biathlon - without cross-country skies. It might be fun to try racing on inline skates with shooting sessions. Is there already anything like that?


Yes, there sure is. It is called summer Biathlon on the website of the International Biathlon Union. According to Wikipedia, there have even been organized World Championships in this discipline. As you expected, athletes make use of Roller skiing instead of traditional cross-country skies.

  • I know about the variant with roller skies, but I'm curious about other variants.
    – V-X
    Apr 15 '15 at 17:47

Yes, in Germany you can take part in a summer version organized by the DSB (German Shooting Federation) that consists of running (in shoes) and shooting.

Although this is the main variant, according to the rules:

Summer Biathlon is an international competetive sport, combining two different sports. Competitions of the DSB (German Shooting Federation) mainly combine Cross country running with shooting with small-calibre rifle or air rifle. Other combinations are possible for competitions, but are not carried out as "German Championships". These could, in addition to cross-country and shooting, consist of rollerski and shooting (Roller Biathlon), Inline/Cross-skater (Skike) and shooting, mountain biking and shooting, whereby in addition to shooting with small-calibre rifle and air rifle, also laser rifles can be used, particularly in urban or introductory events.

(my translation, and my bold)

I assume these biathlons with skates are mostly locally organized, and the local shooting club (Schützenverein) would have details.

One link I found was of a team relay event in Saxony

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