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Questions about the sport of baseball in general. For the American professional baseball league, see [mlb]. Note that autograph identification questions ("Who signed this baseball?") are OFF-TOPIC and will be closed.

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Has there ever been a situation where the outfielder has intentionally dropped a foul ball to prevent a run from scoring from third?

I can foresee a situation when a team is tied or up by one run, late in the game, where an outfielder may intentionally drop a catchable ball in foul territory to prevent an opposing runner from ...
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When does MLB use instant replay?

I was inspired to ask this question given instant replay was mentioned in this thread: Why is FIFA against adding instant replay to the game? For the 2012 season, has baseball changed any rules ...
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1 answer

Why is a foul bunt on strike three an out?

Following up on "Why does a foul ball not count as a third strike?", I can understand caught fouls and foul tips being counted as strike 3. But what is the logic behind a 3rd strike foul bunt being an ...
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Why does a foul ball not count as a third strike?

From the Wikipedia entry for foul ball A strike is issued for the batter if he had fewer than two strikes ... A strike is, however, recorded for the pitcher for every foul ball the batter hits, ...
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2 answers

If a play ends with two runners at the same base who is safe?

In baseball if a play ends and two base runners are at the same base who is safe and who is out? Does the situation change if one of the runners can be forced?
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When is a sacrifice bunt a statistically "good" option?

In the past several years the sacrifice bunt has come under fire as a "waste of an at bat" and "lowering your chance to score." No one denies that outs are very valuable in baseball, but is it ever a ...
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How is WAR defined as a baseball statistic?

WAR (wins above replacement) is a statistic that is often used to describe the value of a baseball player's performance in a given year. How is this statistic determined? What are the differences ...
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