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Questions about Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA). Questions using this tag should also be tagged with the specific sport(s) in question.

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NBA - Why can recently signed players not be traded but sign-and-trades are allowed?

What are the contractual differences in signing a player vs executing a sign-and-trade that prevent a recently signed player from being traded but allow for a s&t?
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Can Bautista re-sign with the Blue Jays outside the terms of mutual option?

It is generally accepted that Jose Bautista played his last home game for the Toronto Blue Jays this past weekend (2017-09-24) since the Jays are not expected to pick up their end of the mutual option ...
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Can MLB players negotiate their contracts downwards?

Consider the case where a player is signed to a contract and the amount he is due far exceeds his value. He no longer has a starting job on his team and would like to be traded, but other teams won't ...
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When did the NBA establish the first collective bargaining agreement ? What were the reasons leading up to this?

Always been curious of when the first CBA came about.
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