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Questions regarding any Championship or Cup. Use this tag to distinguish from ordinary games/events along with the tag of the appropriate sport.

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Given these results, how would these teams be ranked in the UEFA European Championship?

Hypothetically, let's say England, Portugal, Croatia and Israel are drawn together for the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament. Let's also assume that the teams have a European Qualification Ranking of 5, 8, 6 ...
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What will be the Davis Cup format from 2019?

Currently, the Davis Cup consists in a series of heats throughout the year (on February, March, May and November, if I recall properly), each one where the winner needs to get three matches to make it ...
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North American expansion team reaching Championship final in inaugural year

The Las Vegas Golden Knights have reached the Stanley Cup finals in the 2017 - 2018 season after beating Winnipeg Jets in the western conference finals. This has been a big surprise as the Knights ...
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What were the results of the 2012 European Junior Weightlifting Championships 85kg A Class?

I'm looking for the list of names and scores for the competitors in the 2012 European Junior Weightlifting Championships 85kg A Class I managed to reverse ...
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What is the longest drought between a team's two titles?

Is the Chicago Cubs' victory after 108 years (1908 to 2016) the longest drought between a team's two titles in North American major sports leagues (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB)?
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