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For questions about the Davis Cup competition in Lawn Tennis.

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Are Davis Cup matches accepted as official matches, do they appear in the players' stats?

Are Davis Cup matches counted as official matches for the players?
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What will be the Davis Cup format from 2019?

Currently, the Davis Cup consists in a series of heats throughout the year (on February, March, May and November, if I recall properly), each one where the winner needs to get three matches to make it ...
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Did any other latinamerican country win the Davis cup besides Argentina?

When I hear about Davis cup champions I always hear about United States, Australia, England, Spain, etc. but never heard of a latinamerican country wining it. Is Argentina the first latinamerican ...
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Will the ATP Year End No. 1 be awarded after the ATP World Tour Finals or the Davis Cup finals?

Currently, in the ATP rankings, Roger Federer is, effectively, just 490 points behind Novak Djokovic with two tournaments, namely ATP Masters 1000 Paris & the ATP World Tour Finals. Federer, ...
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Do players get points for matches in Davis Cup and Fed Cup in ATP/WTA rankings

Do players, who represent their countries in Davis Cup/Fed Cup, receive also some points in ATP rankings/WTA rankings? If yes, is it for matches on any level? Or only matches in World Group? Are ...
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