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Questions related to the Europa League, the second highest annual association football club competition in Europe.

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How many European cup finals have been played in the stadium of one of the finalists?

How many times has the Champions League, Europa League, Cup Winners' Cup, or European Super Cup final been played in the stadium of one of the finalists? What were the results of each match?
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Under a financial point of view which is better for a low-intermediate club, to go to the Champions or Europa League?

If a low-intermediate club depends only of itself on its last game to finish on 4th or 5th on its Major National European League, which one would be the better option, considering a financial point of ...
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What happens in the UEFA Europa League when a 2-legged match is tied?

In the 2020-2021 Europa League knockout stages, Arsenal beat Olympiacos 3-1 in Greece, then lost the return leg in England 0-1. If instead they had lost the return leg 0-2, making the aggregate score ...
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A UEFA Champions League/Europa League final between two teams who already played against one another in the group stage of either competition?

Has a UEFA Champions League/Europa League final took place between two teams who had already played against one another in the group stage of either competition?
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Why is AS Roma already qualified of the round of 32 after 4 played rounds?

In the Group A of the UEFA Europa League 2020/21, AS Roma is already qualified, but my question is WHY? Look at the table after 4 played rounds: AS Roma has now 10 points. When AS Roma loses the ...
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Is Ajax the first team not to qualify for the next stage (because they ended up 3rd) with as much as 10 points?

Last Tuesday, group H of the Champions League 2019/20 was decided, and the Dutch football (soccer) club Ajax ended up third place with as many as 10 points, failing to qualify for the next round since ...
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For an average Champions League team, is it financially more worth it to go through to knockout stages or drop down in to Europa League?

3rd placed teams in the Champions League group stages go into the Europa League. I was thinking, assuming an average Champions League team, is it more worth it (purely financially speaking) to go into ...
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If Arsenal wins the 2019 UEFA Europa League final, which teams will represent England in the Champions League next year?

Since all other teams in the UEFA finals except Arsenal have been qualified for the Champions League next year. Will Arsenal (if they win the UEFA Europa League final) replace Tottenham or Chelsea for ...
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How are third place teams from the UCL group stage incorporated in the round of 32 for the UEFA Europa League?

In its current format, clubs finishing third in their respective groups in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) qualify, if you will, for the round of 32 knockout stage of the UEFA Europa League (UEL). As ...
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Who is the "winner" of each leg of a two-legged football match, or a match that goes to penalties?

Match #1 Europa League, quarter-finals, 2nd leg: After 90 minutes Besiktas was up 2-1 against Lyon. Because of the aggregate score of 3-3 (Lyon won 2-1 in the 1st leg) they had to play extra time and ...
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Will the club finishing 4th in the EPL go to any European competition if clubs from 5 to 8 win corresponding titles granting European qualification?

Starting the 2018/19 season there will be a new distribution rules in the Champions League (CL) and Europa League (EL). CL and EL winners will get automatic spot in group stages. The new rule states ...
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Why did Hapoel Be'er Sheva go through over Southampton in UEFA EL 2016-'17?

I scrolled through some soccer leagues and I accidentally came across the following situation. It's about Hapoel Be'er Sheva and Southampton from Group K in the 2016-'17 UEFA Europa League. To start, ...
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How many Premier League teams will play in the 17-18 Champions League?

If Manchester United wins the Europa League, and Leicester City wins the Champions League (everything is possible), and both do not fall into the top 4 in the Premier League, then how many Premier ...
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What teams have won the Champions League the season after winning the Europa League?

Have any football teams won the UEFA Champions League the season directly following on from when they won the Europa League? If so, what teams were they, and in which seasons did they achieve their ...
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What teams have won the Europa League the season after winning the Champions League?

I am looking for a list of football clubs (if any) that have won the UEFA Europa League the season immediately following on from where they won the UEFA Champions League. I would also be interested ...
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Participation of different teams with the same owner in European cups

Giampaolo Pozzo is owner of Udinese Calcio in Italy and Granada CF in Spain. What would happen if both teams were to qualify for the same European competition (for example, Europa League) ? In the ...
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Why is Russia considered a tricky destination for European football cup ties?

In the light of Liverpool being drawn alongside Rubin Kazan in the Europa League, most news websites are terming it as a difficult or tricky tie. Similar things have been said in past for the ...
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