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For questions about participants, hobbyists, and followers of sports and the associated cultures and communities of these people.

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What does "chi" mean in football fan language?

In an English football match, a player left the pitch, giving the impression that he had been injured by another player, then went along the goal line and returned to the pitch without an injury. A ...
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Which sport has the most skewed gender ratio among its fanbase?

I'm looking for the sport where the male-to-female ratio among its fans is the highest. I can find some statistics for individual sports (e.g. Statista says the ratio for soccer fans is about 62%-38%) ...
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The Barassi Line and Australian winter sports today

The Barassi Line is an imaginary line that divides Australia into two parts based on the popularity of Australian Rules Football vs the rugby codes. Essentially, Aussie Rules is more popular in ...
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Queueing at Wimbledon for a Grounds Pass: When Can I Expect to Get In?

I wish to get a grounds pass for Wimbledon. My plan was to get to the queue at about 7am. I have seen some people say that I wouldn't get in until 1pm doing so, however they are talking about show ...
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How do clubs/stadiums segregate home fans from away fans

During a football match, the segregation between the home and away fans can be easily noticed. Majority of the seats are occupied by the home fans , while the visiting team's supporters are often ...
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Has Liverpool conceded a goal while their fans were singing "You'll Never Walk Alone"?

For some reason, I enjoy awkwardly funny situations and fans' favorite team conceding a goal while they are emotionally supporting their team is awkward but also kind of funny. So, I'm curious if ...
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Do they use a specific organ to play baseball tunes live in the stadium?

What is the organ that is used to play baseball tunes live in the stadium called? Is there a common brand or model that they prefer for that?
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What are these banners better called or know as?

This is a picture of Polish football fans holding banners. What is the name of these kind of banners?
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Dress Code for football supporters?

I was just browsing on Stubhub because I was curious what tickets for a Manchester United game go for when this popped up: It seems to indicate that if you're a supporter (I assume possibly an away ...
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What is the origin of fans chanting players' names with an extended "u" sound?

At many American sporting events, if a player with a "u" sound in his name is on the home team, and he enters the game or makes a play in the game, then there is a good chance the fans will chant his ...
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Neutral field advantage for team with more fans in attendance?

In college football, home teams outscore away teams by 3-3.5 points per game according to analysis by Matt Mills at SB Nation. But is the advantage due to the home crowd or something else? It's ...
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Why do German football (soccer) fans wear cowboy hats?

Is there a story or meaning, or is it just random and whimsical fashion?
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Is football's (soccer's) popularity in the US increasing?

How is soccer trending in the United States? Anecdotally, it seems like the World Cup is generating a lot more interest here this year than it did when it was hosted here twenty years back. I'm not ...
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Where does the fan keeping score tradition in baseball come from?

Many people go to games and manually keep track of the runs, hits, errors? Does this come from years of tradition from times when scoreboards were not around at the park?
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Can a team sell tickets to a practice?

The Tigers have about a week off between now and the World Series. Is there anything in the Rules about not letting a Team Sell Tickets for Practice? My thought is that by having a stadium full of ...
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