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Questions about the sport of fencing.

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Determining a fair overall winner in a fencing competition

For a (friendly) fencing competition I'm trying to setup some (new) rules. Since this is an internal competition between members of the club there is no requirement to be present at all the match days....
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Fencing Tactic for Pulling an Opponent's Blade Out of Line

I fenced in high school years ago and our coach talked of a tactic to pull an opponents' blade out of line, gradually. If I recall correctly, it was done with small attacks, each a bit further out, ...
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Does one have to be disabled to participate in wheelchair fencing?

What qualifies you to fence in a wheelchair competition? I am wondering because of this video from the Paralympic games 2012, where the two opponents walk around quite a bit and only use their ...
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How does one become an adequate fencing official?

I have officiated dry and electric foil fencing matches. Electric matches are less difficult to officiate due to the assistance of a scoring machine...but scoring machines are not foolproof. Issues ...
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What are the main safety risks of fencing?

I want to try fencing with a friend, but I think he may be worried about safety. What are the main injury risks for fencing and how common are they?
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Coaching a (low-interest) collegiate fencing club

I am the assistant volunteer coach for a collegiate fencing club. The coach is keen on teaching fencing fundamentals and some advanced maneuvers. I am his second set of eyes and goto for general ...
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