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Questions regarding field goals in sports such as American Football, Canadian Football, etc. Questions using this tag should also be tagged with the specific sport(s) in question.

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How is the field goal distance calculated in American football?

I wonder how the position is calculated in American football: The position that the snapper snaps The position in that the holder fixes the ball and the kicker kicks. For example, in the record ...
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Has there ever been a game-winning/tying drive that started with less than 13 seconds?

In the January 23, 2022 NFL Divisional playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills, the Chiefs trailed 36-33 in the 4th quarter when they started a drive at their own 25-yard line ...
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Why don't NFL teams keep a punter who can kick field goals?

At the 2021 Week 8 game between the Steelers and Browns, the Steelers kicker was injured during a fake field goal attempt in the second quarter and couldn't return. The Steelers did not attempt any ...
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Has any team won a non shut out game with only field goals since the nfl afl merger

If there are more than one of those games sort it by highest scoring to least scoring.
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Is the field goal good?

During a field goal, if the ball hits the ground and bounces through the uprights and above the crossbar, is it still good despite hitting the ground first?
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Could an immediate field goal be advantageous in NFL?

Consider this strategy: If a team reaches the 40 or so yard line, it would immediately go for the field goal attempt, instead of trying the touch down. This could be considered "small ball", ...
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Can a field goal go in off a player?

In American football, sometimes on long field goal attempts the defending team positions a player in the end zone in case the kick is short. Suppose the ball were to hit an upright, carom off this ...
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Has a field goal or extra point attempt ever hit both uprights and the crossbar?

During the 6 January 2019 NFL wild card playoff game between the Eagles and Bears, Bears kicker Cody Parkey missed a game-winning FG that hit the left upright and then the crossbar. I found a video ...
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Is it legal to ice your own kicker?

In the NFL a Coach can call a timeout right before the kicker kicks the ball in order to affect the kicker's chance of succeeding. In many cases, the kicker will take the kick twice, once right after ...
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What determines the spot of a field goal kick in the NFL?

Is there a limit to how close the ball gets spotted behind the line of scrimmage during a field goal attempt? I regularly watch the NFL and on the field goals the holder awaits for the ball about 8 ...
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