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For questions generally relating to relative player positions on the field during play of the game, or in certain sports immediately before play begins. Questions using this tag should also be tagged with the specific sport(s) in question.

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2 answers

Do teams announce their exact formations before a match?

Before football matches they usually show the formations of both teams, including who plays where, on TV. As far as I am aware, according to the rules teams only have to provide the names and shirt ...
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2 answers

Has 4-6-0 ever worked in high level football?

Seeing that Del Bosque is insisting on playing without a real striker in the Euro games, I came to wonder whether the 4-6-0 tactic he's trying to implement really ever worked for a team at this level. ...
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Improving 7 vs 7 team and strategy

I am part of a team that plays in an amateur league that also has a playoff at the end of the season. Our team is consisting of fit players that are not very tall but can run around a lot. However, ...
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4-3 defensive end vs. a 3-4 defensive end

I recently asked a question about a 3-4 outside linebacker vs. a 4-3 outside linebacker so this is related. Is a 3-4 end more of a hybrid tackle/END? I think teams that use a 3-4 try to get their ...
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