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Questions tagged [formula-1]

For questions relating to the class of open-wheeled auto racing known as Formula 1.

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What decides where you are in the pitlane, and is there an advantage that could be got depending on where you are in the pit lane?

In F1, the teams currently seem to be stacked where Mercedes/ferrari are early in the pitlane, and Williams is at the end. How is the order of teams decided for the pitlane, and is a position ...
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Porpoising and FIA simulations

To arrive at 2022 regulations, it is said that FIA ran thousands of hours of simulations on what should be the design of the F1 car. But while they did so, was the porpoising effect brought out ...
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12 votes
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Why are Formula 1 tracks usually oriented clockwise?

In other sports, for example track and field athletics, the track is always oriented counter-clockwise. Why aren't Formula 1 tracks oriented similarly? (Maybe it's just me, but I find it much more ...
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9 votes
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Can the official fastest lap of a race be set in the first lap in F1?

Actually there are many reasons that make the cars slower in the first lap of a race. Cars accelerate from 0 kph Traffic is at maximum Tyres are not at ideal temperature (still soft tyres can perform ...
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In F1 why does the checkered flag appear when the driver has not finished and is further down in position?

Why does a driver in (say) 13 place have a checkered flag but positions 4-12 have no flag yet?
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