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Freestyle refers to very specific sporting events, as well as a broader arena encompassing any sporting event; the former are extremely niche (listed below) while the latter can encompass any sporting event, provided it is operating in less than professional capacity.

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Gallop correctly with freestyle in swimming?

I know that there are many Olympian swimmers that gallop in freestyle. Take Jason Lezak, Michael Phelps, even Katie Ledecky! However, how do I gallop in swimming so that I don’t get myself and my ...
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Why are there different strokes in swimming?

Why do we have different stroke categories in swimming rather than only competing freestyle at different distances? To be specific, what was the originating reason and why do these separate categories ...
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Name of a "gym object"

I've seen a video, there were girls using a gym object that was like a ladder in a "ring form", like two big rings connected by pegs. What is the name of this object? Thank you all
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Legs stops kicking while inhaling air during freestyle swiming

I have newly started learning swimming, major problem which I am facing and my coach informs me is that my legs stops kicking while I am taking breath while doing freestyle swimming. Because of this ...
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Why is a straight-arm recovery in butterfly more efficient but in front-crawl it isn't? [closed]

In top level swimming, most butterfly competitors demonstrate a straight-arm recovery above the water, but in front-crawl events it's more usual to see recovery with a high, bent elbow and low hand ...
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Is there a dry-top for the freestyle snorkel?

I own a Finis Freestyle snorkel. Along with it I had bought a snorkel dry top as well; only to, later, discover that it only works with the regular snorkels and not with the freestyle version. Does ...
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What are the technical differences between freestyle and butterfly swimming?

Freestyle times (46.91 WR for 100m) tend to be faster than butterfly (49.82 WR for 100m) times. However, the "peak speed" for butterfly is faster than freestyle(1). Would this have to do with an ...
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Swimming with Fins Versus Elite Swimmers

When sprinting with fins, and especially now that I'm trying to press my chest and head down and get my hips up, I can feel a pretty significant amount of drag as my arm recovers. I think this is due ...
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Bad Breathing Habits in Swimming

As I turn my head to breathe (almost always to the left), I reach my head out to the left. I think this is probably because I am reaching with my right arm, and trying to reach as far as I can is ...
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Head Position in Swimming

I am trying to fix my head and hip positioning by looking down instead of forward and pressing my chest and / or head down. It's kind of awkward to press your chest down while also looking down and ...
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