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Use this tag for all questions about futsal, a variant of association football (soccer) which is played 5-a-side on a smaller pitch.

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In Futsal, can a goalkeeper score with a drop kick (i.e. released from hands)?

The question is about Futsal. Consider the following situation: The goalkeeper holds the ball in his hands after the opposing team's attack. The ball has not left the field so it is not a goal ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How can mental toughness be improved for young players?

My son (aged 9) played really well in pick-up football games and community recreation, then we joined a competitive league. Around competitive players he holds himself back, he gets rid of the ball ...
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1 vote
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What is the best role for a low fitness player in futsal?

I used to play futsal; however, I got a little over-weight and lost my fitness recently. I love the game and in the same time do not want to be a weakness point for my team. What is the position (or ...
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Which sport is played on this field?

I have an extension in my web browser that brings up an aerial photo from different parts of the world each time I open a new tab. A couple of days ago it was an image from Tokyo (I think), with a ...
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