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For questions about the style or manner of grasping a sport equipment, like a tennis racket. Question should also be tagged with specific sport.

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How small are lining badminton racket grips?

I want to know the sizes of lining badminton rackets. I need a smaller grip. I have no idea about sizes of lining rackets. I found that s1, s2 are grip sizes but how do they compare to yonex racket ...
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Does an Eastern forehand grip provide more precision compared to a semi-Western grip?

I've been experimenting between Eastern and semi-Western grips for my forehand. When I was hitting, I felt like the Eastern grip forehand provided much more precision (almost an unbelievable amount) ...
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Measure a tennis racquet grip size

I have an old aluminum tennis racquet that I'm looking to replace after having broke its strings. I know neither my hand's grip size nor the racquet's grip size, but I do know that the racquet is the ...
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Which features are required from a heat-shrink sleeve for a tennis racket?

My grip size is 12cm 4 6/8 and I have a racket 4 3/8 with overgrip i.e. 4 4/8. It is not fit enough and getting some pain with it. I want to increase its size by 1/8 inches but which kind of Heat-...
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Safe volley grip and serving grip in Tennis?

Which is a correct and safe volley grip aka serving grip in Tennis? One where hand is clearly on the handle or the one where some fingers are resting on the handle? Images screenshot from the video ...
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