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Questions tagged [hall-of-fame]

Questions regarding a Hall of Fame, including processes for induction and information about inducted players. Questions must also be tagged for the specific sport or competition.

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Future NBA Hall of Famers

Are there any models which predict how many players in the NBA are guaranteed to make it in the Hall of Fame if they retired after this season? If so, what results do those models give?
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Can a Hall of Fame player come out of retirement and play again

In (at least) North America it's a tradition to induct the very best players of a league who have not been playing for a certain amount of years. All major leagues in North America: NFL, MLB, NBA, and ...
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Can you get autographs of the Baseball HOF inductees?

I'll be going to the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremonies in a few days, and would like to understand how they handle autographs. Do the inductees give autographs? For free or for a cost? Or ...
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What is the first "Hall of Fame"?

What is the first "Hall of Fame" in sports? And who first thought of the idea?
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Who is eligible to vote in the Baseball Hall of Fame election?

This is about baseball hall of fame voting. *Voters are the approximately 600 writers who have been members of the BBWAA for 10 consecutive years at any point. * Does this mean if I was a member of ...
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What are the factors in voting someone into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

What are the determinant factors in voting someone into the Hall of Fame in baseball? Or any sport for that matter. Is it just statistics or is it more of what that player represented?
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