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Questions about helmets, or protective headgear worn by participants in several sports.

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How Are Speakers (and any other devices) Integrated Into the Interior of NFL Helmets (or other sports)?

I am wondering how devices, such as speakers used in NFL helmets, as sufficiently attached and setup to withstand their respective sport conditions. In the NFL, they must be able to survive numerous ...
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Did ice-hockey players actually not wear helmets until the 1970s-1980s?

I don't really care if it's the 1970s or 1980s. The point is that I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw footage of old hockey matches where the players had... no helmets. As if it were faked or ...
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Do NCAA College Football athletes have to provide their own helmets?

As someone not living in the US and not seen much of the NCAA college football, I was wondering whether or not the athletes have to supply their own helmets as they get sprayed and painted the ...
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Why don't bobsleigh drivers customise their helmets like racing drivers do?

In motorsport, it is the norm for drivers to customise their crash helmets; mostly to express their personality but sometimes to advertise their sponsors too. Bobsleigh has some similarities with ...
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Helmets in alpine skiing vs cycling

I am wondering why the helmets used in different sports disciplines are so different, especially considering professional athletes. Alpine skiing (source) Cycling (source) Of course I understand ...
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Penalty runs for hitting on to the helmet of the wicket keeper which he is wearing

As the answers here acknowledge that if the ball hits the helmet behind the wicket keeper then 5 runs are given to the batting side as obstructing the field. My question is will the same apply if the ...
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Why are there stickers on helmets of football players in college football

While watching college football this afternoon I saw a couple college football players with stickers on the back of their helmets. Why are there stickers on the back helmets of football players ? Are ...
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