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Questions relating to the past history of a sport, such as regarding past players, team records, older generations of equipment, etc. Questions using this tag must also be tagged with the specific sport in question.

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Why don't any USA professional leagues use promotion/relegation?

Promotion/relegation is a competition format that is often used in many countries for professional leagues as a way to have many teams participate and yet not dilute the top level of play, by only ...
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Man of the Match award for two players

Is it possible to give player of the match award to more than one player, when the stats and performances of more than one player (from the same team) equals the same? If yes, any history for the ...
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What team has the shortest "longest losing streak" within a season in MLB history?

Don't know if the wording of the title makes sense, but I want to know what team had the longest losing streak that was the shortest in MLB history (or at least the live ball era) A completely made ...
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Do the laws of cricket allow running on the last ball, even after winning?

Say, teamA score is 368 (369 to win), and teamB is batting at 368 (or 366). One run (or 3 runs) will make them win. The batsman hits the ball for a six, so score is 374 (or 372) which is more than the ...
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Points are given in tennis 15-30-40. Why 40?

Tennis scoring goes 15-30-40-game. Why 40? Why not 45? What is the meaning of the points being given in tennis as 15-30-40-game? What is the history of this scoring calculation?
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Why is the word Love used as a score for Tennis?

I have never understood this form of scoring. What is the origin of this score "title".
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What are the reasons that cricket is not included in the Olympics? [closed]

I found online that it was last played in the 1900 Olympics. It hasn't been played since. What are the reasons that cricket is no longer included as an Olympic sport?
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What is the difference between "retired out" and "retired not out" in cricket?

I have seen the terms on scoreboard like: "retired out" or "retired not out". What does it mean and what is the different between there? Reference: Mohammad Hafeez was retired out in ICC Champions ...
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Running After Being Knocked Off Feet in the NFL

In what year(s) in the NFL was the runner allowed to get up and run after being knocked off his feet, as long as they weren't tackled and held down? From memory, it only lasted 1 or 2 years because it ...
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Why is the Croatian football team so successful despite having a population of only 4 million people?

Not only did they crush Argentina by 3-0 in this 2018 world cup, they also humiliated another traditional 'football power' England and made it to the finals despite their population being less than ...
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Are all oval-track races done counter-clockwise? If so, why?

It seems to me that every type of race on an oval track moves in a counter-clockwise direction. Off the top of my head, I know that this happens in: auto racing of any kind roller derby horse racing ...
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Most number of extra-time Goals

On 30-Oct-2012, Arsenal defeated Reading with an incredible score of 7-5. A more astonishing fact is that 4 goals were scored in Extra-time. Is this the record for the most number of goals in extra-...
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Why does Messi's 50th goal count as a record?

Last night, Messi scored his 50th goal of the season. Why is it considered a new goal-scoring record? Dixie Dean scored 60 goals for Everton in the FA First Division alone (he had 67 in total) in ...
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What is the origin of the specific distances in Ironman triathlon?

Triathlon is the sport (three sports, typically swim - bike - run, though Winterlude in Ottawa does Ice Skate, Cross Country Ski, Run). Ironman is the distance. 2.4 Mile (3.8K) swim, 112 mile (180....
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NFL division with all teams having a losing or winning record

I'm wondering if there has been any division in the modern day NFL history where all teams finished the regular season with winning or losing record. Even though this might not be so probable, it is ...
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When and why did baseball players start exclusively running the bases counterclockwise?

In modern baseball, the players always run around the bases counterclockwise (anticlockwise). However, a book written in the 1830's - one of the first to describe the version of the sport we know ...
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Has the practice of retiring numbers ever become a problem?

Some professional sports teams retire numbers in honor of exceptional players. If practiced frequently enough by an old team, such a practice would be unsustainable. You'd run out of numbers. More ...
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Which athletes were the first to break the color barriers in hockey?

Ice hockey, by nature of being a sport developed by British colonialists, has largely been made up of teams of people who can trace their ancestry to the British isles, the Nordic regions of Europe, ...
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Where did the term "soccer" originate? [closed]

It seems that currently America is one of the only countries that uses the term "soccer" to refer to what the rest of the world calls "football". What caused the Americans to start using this term ...
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It is true that, during the first years of professional football, teams used to play with only 2 defenders and 5 forwards?

I've heard many times that, in the past (I don't know exactly when, but It may be around 1930 and 1950 decades) football teams used to align using 2-3-5 formation. I know that tactics used to be less ...
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Why were artificial turfs introduced in field hockey?

This Wikipedia section has good details about the changes bought about in field hockey after artificial turfs were introduced. This change also bought about a shift in field hockey power base from ...
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What is the closest any team has come to playing a home Super Bowl?

When this question was first posed, no team whose home stadium is hosting the Super Bowl had ever made it to the Super Bowl. My question is, which team has come the closest? (Closest in this case ...
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What is the significance of the Olympic logo?

I'm curious about the history and meaning of the five ring Olympic logo. When was this logo designed, and does it have any symbolic meaning?
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Is the 1925 White Hart Lane match real?

This is the story but I couldn't find any real proof. Is this real? Or is there a way to find out? One of the funniest matches in football: Arsenal VS Spartak Moscow (1925) Fog was covering the ...
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What is a Golden set? and what is the difference with Bagel set?

What is a Golden set on tennis? Is there a tennis player who won a golden set? What is the difference between Golden set and Bagel set?
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Origin of the 3rd Down "noise"

Whilst watching an NFL game last week*, I noticed that when the visiting team's offense is on 3rd or 4th down, the stadium's speakers play some sort of noise - I'm guessing as a way of distracting / "...
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Man of the series award for two players

I read a post about sharing the man of the match award between two players. Is there any instance happened in cricket history that the player of the series award got shared? If yes, please provide ...
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Which teams have won the most championships in the four major American sports leagues?

Which teams have won the most championships in the four major American sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL)?
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