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Questions about the sport of indoor rock climbing.

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What measures will the Olympic Committee take to avoid route leaks in Sports Climbing?

The Bouldering and Lead Climbing events at Tokyo 2020 (now 2021) will require professional routesetters to design routes for the athletes to climb. This creates the potential for those routes to be ...
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Bouldering “zone”

I’ve recently got into bouldering and been watching a lot of world championships. I understand how the “zone” hold is used when you don’t top a Boulder but I have seen a couple of things mentioned ...
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Does the actual difficulty of the route in bouldering depend on my physical characteristics? [closed]

I walk to my local climbing gym and the setters mark their routes with some difficulty mark. I will use the European scale. After some time I noticed, that there are routes of a lower difficulty, ...
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How are different sport climbing disciplines combined?

Last year the IOC decided to include sport climbing in the 2020 Olympics. Sport climbing covers three distinct disciplines: lead, boulder and speed. The 2020 event will be a combination of those ...
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Indoor/Outdoor Rock Climbing Shoes

I am looking at getting some shoes to start rock climbing, and I had a few questions about the shoes. I currently rent shoes, and use an indoor climbing wall, but I have a lot of friends that like to ...
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How difficult are world cup bouldering problems?

Recently I watched a video summary of the boulder world cup in Munich. Indoors and outdoors each boulder problem is classified with a certain difficulty e.g. in the Hueco or in the Fontainbleau scale (...
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climbing - distance between knot and harness [closed]

Recently I heard as a general rule of thumb that one should leave at most the width of your hand as space between the knot (a figure eight for instance) and the harness. Its quite obvious that one ...
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How to get rid of the smell from indoor climbing shoes?

When I go climbing indoors I typically wear my climbing shoes without socks because this gives me slightly better control over my feet while climbing which I particularly need in overhangs. The ...
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How can I graduate from single to multiple pitch climbs?

I have been sport climbing for many years, both indoors and out, but have only ever tried single pitch climbs. I would like to learn multiple pitch climbing, but have no idea how you manage the ...
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Is it possible to do indoor rock climbing barefoot?

I am very new to indoor rock climbing, I want to climb barefoot, I heard some people advise against it, Anybody here has any experience or can give any suggestions on barefoot indoor rock climbing?
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How dangerous is indoor rock climbing with an inexperienced belay partner?

My wife and I are very new to climbing (indoor) and we want to belay ourselves. If you know the basics of the method but don't have much experience could you really mess things up, or if you have a ...
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