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Inline boots also vary on Shin/ankle diammeter between sizes? Feeling more support in one foot that another with K2 Kinetic 80

I am a complete novice in inline skating, with about 5 hours of practice in total. I am also in my early 40s. I just got a set of K2 Kinetic 80 boots in size 8 (40.5 Europe). They are better than the ...
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Inline Skates: Slalom / Parallel Turns Skidding Heel Brake

On my inline skates the heel brake is on the right foot. When I turn right with the slalom / parallel method, the heel brake sides catch the ground and limit my tilt angle of my blades. The brakes ...
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How can I search for good spots to ride on inline skates / rollerblades?

Question How can I search for locations with a smooth surface where I can ride my inline skates? What sources or methods can I use? Context I recently picked up inline skating and noticed that the ...
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Powerslide trinity frames: ego vs elite

What is practical (in terms of skating) difference between two Powerslide trinity frames Ego SL and Elite Al casted? According to specs both frames are made of aluminium, Ego is CNC milled and Elite ...
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Does the inline-skate weight refer to one or both skates?

I'm looking at various inline-skate sites and all refer to weight without specifying whether it is for one skate or for the pair. (e.g. here) So I guess there must be a rule when referring to inline-...
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Inline wheels wobble

I have been playing inline hockey for 15+ years but only recently made a switch from goalie to skater. I had not skated on a team since I was about 12 years old. I only play recreationally, so not ...
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