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Questions tagged [kayaking]

Questions about the sport of kayaking. Questions about kayaking in general are better suited for The Great Outdoors SE.

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What kind of sea kayak is OK to use in rough waters?

I just started kayaking last year and we puchased two kayaks, one 14' and one 13'. We have had great trips building our skills in lakes and in protected areas of the puget sound. We would like to try ...
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How important is it to be able to roll a sea-kayak? [closed]

I understand the necessity of being able to right yourself while you are in a river kayak. How important is this to be able to do in a Sea Kayak? I can easily right my kayak and reenter it without ...
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What is the most efficient way of kayaking across a river with light flow?

When kayaking with a friend diagonally across a wide (1.5km) river channel from point A to point B, I always find myself being swept by the current such that my travelling path becomes curve instead ...
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What are the main advantages of sit-on-top kayaks? What makes them so popular?

I own a 5.18m Sea-Kayak. Obviously a sit-in type with a watertight spray skirt. It has two hatches which also close to not let water in, even if forcibly submerged. On my trips to other countries (...
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How to go straight with kayak in wind? [closed]

This summer I rented a double kayak and I find it very difficult to go straight during a windy day. In the attached sketch you can see the situation where I find it most difficult to manage the kayak:...
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