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Giving training to a person with ADHD

I am a member of a capoeira group and recently a child of 8 came to us. His mother said that he has a "strong ADHD". He is visibly different than the other kids. I never encountered someone ...
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Has a fighter ever stopped fighting because opponent is unable to defend themselves, even though the referee hasn't stopped the fight?

Inspired by If a professional fighter dies in a ring, is it considered a murder? Would his opponent go to jail? Similar incident happened in 1960 in a boxing match between Benny Paret and Emile ...
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Why are players not allowed to celebrate points won in kendo?

Out of curiosity, I was looking up the rules of kendo, and a very peculiar rule stood out to me. If a player celebrates in any way after winning a point, even with a subtle fist pump, the point can be ...
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Why do boxers/fighters oftentimes spin around each other in the ring?

Boxing, MMA, wrestling, etc. - in many different types of 1v1 matches, many fighters will sort of 'orbit' around each other throughout the match regardless of fighting type. Why do fighters do this? ...
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What if two boxers refused to fight each other?

Suppose that two boxers (or MMA fighters or similar) chose not to fight. They do nothing and persist in doing nothing even when instructed to start fighting. Now if it was just one doing so, then he ...
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Why are two bronze medals awarded in judo at the Olympics?

As you can see in the below for judo competitions, the losers of both semi-finals both receive the medal. This is notably unusual for an Olympic competition. Why do both contestants get the same ...
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How hips generate power while punching?

I have been hearing this things a lot. But don't know: How it works? How is it possible (science, body mechanics behind it)? How to practice it, if its the most effective of punching? I understand ...
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Where to get insurance for capoeira students in UK?

I recently moved to UK and figured that where I live (Crawley, West Sussex) there is no Capoeira school. So I decided to organize a new club for training Capoeira. I found a nice location, one of ...
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fitness benefits of different martial arts disciplines [closed]

What are the differences between different martial arts disciplines for various aspects of fitness (for example, flexibility, strength, endurance)?
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