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Questions tagged [nascar]

Questions about the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR).

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What makes Chevy better than Ford?

This article states that Chevy has 788 NASCAR wins vs. 696 for Ford as of 2020. What makes Chevy better than Ford? Is this a volume stat (in which percentage won would be a better indicator of ...
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When exactly did Dale Earnhardt crash?

I've been researching Dale Earnhardt's fatal crash at Daytona in 2001. I have yet to find any mention of the exact time when the crash happened. Is there a credible source that lists the precise ...
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What is the valuation between different starting positions in auto racing?

I see this question broadly discusses the worth of Pole position in NASCAR, but I wondered if any more of a full mathematical analysis had been performed to determine the "marginal gain" of ...
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Why do NASCAR drivers retire?

I once watched an ESPN sports science segment which discussed some of the physiological demands that a NASCAR driver requires. Yet in most sports I see, speed and strength are the things that impact ...
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Does the Daytona International Speedway have more crashes than other tracks?

I'm watching the coverage of the delayed Coke Zero 400 on NBC, and as I write this, the race is about to begin. The commentators seemed to suggest that drivers are much more likely to experience ...
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In NASCAR, how important is pole position?

In NASCAR racing, pole position is determined by speed trials held before the actual race. Is pole positioning necessarily the ideal place in a race that lasts for hours and has numerous pit stops? ...
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What is the purpose of drafting in nascar races?

Is there any strategy or reason to draft another car in NASCAR races?
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