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Why has there never been a T40 Track Race?

I have had a look at some of the records for past Paralympics, and it looks like the T40 Track events have never been run? For example in 2016 Is that data missing or have those events never run? If ...
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How are the disability definitions scored in the Paralympics

There seem to be a wide range of categories in the Paralympics, all with different tariffs for difficulty, but how are these actually balanced? For example, one of the simplest groups is Kayaking, ...
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Athlete medal Olympics and Paralympics?

By now it is quite common to find cases of athletes who participated in the Olympic Games and also the Paralympic Games, but it is more difficult to find athletes with great results in both. Has it ...
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Does one have to be disabled to participate in wheelchair fencing?

What qualifies you to fence in a wheelchair competition? I am wondering because of this video from the Paralympic games 2012, where the two opponents walk around quite a bit and only use their ...
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