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Why is there a gap in pole-vault records starting in 1994 and resuming as of 2020?

Looking at the Men's pole vault world record progression on Wikipedia, the record advances fairly regularly starting in the late '50 up through 1994. There are no new records until 2014, and then the ...
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At the 1912 Olympics pole vault, why were bronze medals awarded when a gold and two silver were also awarded?

At the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, something rather unusual happened with the medals awarded in the men's pole vault competition. Ordinarily when there is a tie for second place, multiple ...
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Why are pole vault indoor records better than outdoor's?

In September 2020, Duplantis beated the world's pole vault record with a 6,15m jump. World Athletics mentioned Duplantis scales 6.15m in Rome, world's highest ever outdoor vault, where I find the ...
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