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Questions about promotions.

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Besides 2023-24 AFC Champions League are there any tournaments with this kind of group stage?

When the total number of teams is 2^n (e.g. 32), there is no problem. Because when two top teams in each group promote to the next round we will have two teams for the final match. But when the total ...
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Has Promotion and Relegation been used in North American Major Leagues [duplicate]

There are 4 major sports leagues in North America: NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. The teams, also known as the franchises, in the league don't change. The only exceptions are when a team moves to a different ...
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What are the benefits of a non-linear promotion/relegation system?

In Italian rugby you can be promoted from III division (Serie A girone B) directly to I division (Eccellenza), and you can be relegated from II division (Serie A girone A) directly to IV division (...
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Is my understanding of Italian rugby "Serie A" correct?

I've created this spreadsheet to summarise the Italian rugby "Serie A" (II and III division) format, based on this table: problem is, while the linked table is quite clear and reasonable, it's full of ...
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The history of promotion and relegation in English football

How exactly did the system of promotion and relegation come about in English football? Specifically, what were the driving forces that made it such an intrinsic part of the game? As an American ...
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Why don't any USA professional leagues use promotion/relegation?

Promotion/relegation is a competition format that is often used in many countries for professional leagues as a way to have many teams participate and yet not dilute the top level of play, by only ...
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Why did newly formed Premiership and FA agree on the promotion system?

The Premiership was founded when 22 clubs left from The Football League and formed a new association football club. All clubs left for more television money and threatened for some years before the ...
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