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Questions tagged [racquetball]

Questions about the sport of racquetball.

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Can you choose to play a fault serve in racquetball?

Scenario: My opponent serves the ball short, but I'm in a good position to return it. Does a fault serve automatically end the rally? Or can I choose to return the serve and continue the rally?
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What is the difference between a tennis and a racquetball ball? [closed]

What would happen if you played tennis with a racquetball or racquetball with a tennis ball? Tennis balls have felt and are heavier. If I practiced tennis with a racquetball for a week, and then ...
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Can I still hit the ball after it hits off the front wall if it only bounces once

Is it legal to still hit the racquetball after it hits the front wall as long as it has only bounced on the floor once?
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Does Racquetball have a stand your ground rule?

A friend just explained the 'stand your ground' rule in handball where, on hitting the ball, you are allowed to stand where you are and have no obligation to get out of the way of your opponent. He ...
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How important is racquetball ball freshness?

I'm a new racquetball player, playing once or twice a week. I'm not a power player nor do I play with many people who are. I noticed that balls sell in bulk for less than $1 each and was wondering if ...
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