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Questions about records, or statistics deemed best in a specific sport and/or event. This tag should be combined with a tag for the specific sport in which the record lies.

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What is the most match points saved by a tournament winner?

Recently Martin Kližan won ATP tournament in Rotterdam. On the way to the final he saved 8 match points (5 against Batistuta Agut and 3 against Mahut). What is the record for the most match points ...
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Most final appearances without winning a title in one season

Carsten Ramelow, Bernd Schneider and Oliver Neuville lost three finals in 2002: DFB Pokal (2-4 to Schalke 04, with Leverkusen) Champions League (1-2 to Real Madrid, with Leverkusen) FIFA World Cup (0-...
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Three two-run homers in the span of six batters

On June 2 2016 the SF Giants did this against the Atlanta Braves. The 5th innings for SF started as follows: AARON BLAIR PITCHING FOR ATLANTA Blanco walked. 0 0 Bumgarner homered to left center (...
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What world records have been broken by an athlete with a disability?

I wonder which world records have been broken by an athlete with a disability, put aside sports where non-disable athletes do not compete. For example, the record furthest accurate distance – men’s ...
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Is there a stat or resource that tracks series-wins in MLB?

Major League Baseball could obviously never have a team go undefeated (actually, I found out it did happen in 1869, so from now on let's just go with the live-ball era forward) because of the large ...
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What is the highest number of consecutive matches lost by a football player?

Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) lost his 20th consecutive game in the Premier League. So I wonder which players have done worse than that ?
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Has there ever been a game-winning/tying drive that started with less than 13 seconds?

In the January 23, 2022 NFL Divisional playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills, the Chiefs trailed 36-33 in the 4th quarter when they started a drive at their own 25-yard line ...
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Who holds the record for most dunks in a single playoff game?

Who holds the record for most dunks in a single postseason game? This is not restricted to a single league.
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What is the NFL record for starting field position by kick returner

Can anyone find the NFL record for starting field position attributed to the primary kick returner? I've looked through several websites listing NFL records, to no avail. Specifically looking for ...
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Most love serve games

What is the record for the most love serve games in a tennis match for men and women? In tennis the word love is used to represent 0 points in a game. So by love serve game, I mean a server game won ...
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In a major tennis tournament match, what was the largest difference in points won and lost where the winner lost more points?

In a Major (a.k.a. "Grand Slam") tennis tournament, what is the largest difference in total points won versus total points lost in a match where the winner of the match won fewer total points than the ...
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Multiple hits in an inning by a pitcher

Today against the Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg started the third inning with a single and later hit a three-run home run in that same inning. When was the last time a ...
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