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Questions tagged [rugby-league]

One of the two major rugby codes. Please use this tag rather than "rugby" for questions which are specific to league.

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Rates of embellishment in Football vs Rugby

I was able to quickly find the penalty stats for the National Hockey League. In the 2022-23 season, there were 24 cases of embellishment, which is a 2 minute penalty, giving the opposition a 2 minute ...
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When does a turnover occur in rugby league?

When does a turnover occur in rugby league? I know when an offensive team is tackled for the sixth time, the defensive team becomes the offensive team, but can this happen also during an interception ...
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When did it become convention to not contest a rugby league scrum?

I'm aware that it is allowed to contest a scrum but it is rarely done, presumably because the ball can be fed directly to the Lock at back of the pack - has it always been like this or was there a ...
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The Barassi Line and Australian winter sports today

The Barassi Line is an imaginary line that divides Australia into two parts based on the popularity of Australian Rules Football vs the rugby codes. Essentially, Aussie Rules is more popular in ...
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Rugby league vs Rugby Union

Which game variation existed first, and when and why was the second variation developed?
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Rugby league: does a knock-on require an immediate stoppage of play?

In a few recent rugby league (Australian NRL) games that I have seen, a player will drop a ball that was passed to him, causing it to move forward off of his hands and bounce forward on the ground. ...
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NRL (Australia) Rugby - Touching Ball Near Try Line

I have just started watching League and Union Rugby and have been trying to familiarize myself with the rules. While watching this evening's NRL match between the Storm and Cowboys, a cowboys player ...
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Which is the most popular game in Australia? [closed]

Which is the most popular football code in Australia both in terms of number of active players, and spectator attendance?
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Why rugby players try run to the center in-goal area?

It often happened that when a rugby player arrive with no pressure opponents try to take the oval to the center of the in-goal area. The try is taken when the player enter in the in-goal area, so I ...
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Which factors have been most prominent in the switching of codes amongst professional players?

It is not uncommon for professional sportsmen to switch from one football code to another. Specifically considering the move from Rugby League to Rugby Union and vice-versa, what have been the most ...
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