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Questions about the rules of sports, including regulations for particular competitions or formats. Questions must also be tagged for the specific sport or competition.

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Why isn't spiking the football intentional grounding?

I understand that spiking the football is a time management technique in American football, but I don't understand why there is no penalty (e.g. intentional grounding) associated with it?
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Enforcement of traveling in basketball

In most levels of basketball, from youth leagues to the college level, traveling seems to be enforced fairly regularly. However, at the NBA level, traveling seems to be rarely enforced, with the rules ...
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Why does a foul ball not count as a third strike?

From the Wikipedia entry for foul ball A strike is issued for the batter if he had fewer than two strikes ... A strike is, however, recorded for the pitcher for every foul ball the batter hits, ...
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Are you allowed to play zone defense in the NBA?

I remember in the "old days" that if a referee caught a team playing zone defense that they would blow the whistle to stop the play and call "Illegal Defense". I haven't seen this foul called in a ...
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If a play ends with two runners at the same base who is safe?

In baseball if a play ends and two base runners are at the same base who is safe and who is out? Does the situation change if one of the runners can be forced?
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Screening in volleyball

The volleyball rules prohibit screening during a service (preventing the receiving team from seeing the ball or the serving player; rule 12.5), however, during any professional game you can see ...
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As a defensive lineman, can I intentionally encroach to stop the clock?

If a defense is facing a tough situation with no timeouts left, it is difficult to stop the clock. Your options are very limited - you hope the offense passes and you can bat it down, or you hope you ...
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How is offside determined in football?

The offside rule on the pitch is often unclear and called suddenly. How do I know if a player is offside?
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