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What caused the odd strategy n the last race of Sydney 2000 Laser sailing?

In the video above it looks like Ben Ainslie did something unusual with Robert Scheidt, and I don't understand why or what has really happened. Why did preventing Scheidt from finishing 21th or higher ...
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Identify this blue/red sailing club burgee [closed]

I have this picture of a sailing club burgee, found at a relatives house. Can the club ensign be identified?
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How are the leaderboards determined in ocean races?

The Vendée Globe began last Sunday and will probably last for about 75 days. A leaderboard is regularly updated, which can be accessed here. Thomson is currently in the lead, followed closely by Le ...
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Dinghy Racing: how do I use the kicker/vang properly?

I'm sailing an Enterprise Dinghy, and recently upgraded to a cascading kicker (kicking strap, boom vang, ...). The previous kicker I had I could never operate during a race properly, but now I can, ...
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How should an ideal sailing boat react when losing control? How about ice sailing boat? [closed]

My fellow sailor said that an ideal sailing boat should turn against the direction of waves when losing control. Then he said that ice sailing boats cannot do this. This is apparently because ice ...
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What is the scoring system in sailing?

After watching the Olympics and seeing that Australia had fewer points than other teams but was guaranteed a gold or silver medal in the Laser class. We were confused as to how sailing is scored.
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What does it take to earn the International Certificate of Competence?

What does it take to pass the ICC? Must you be willing to sail through the Mediterranean or hold a skipper license? An International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is a certificate which may be ...
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