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Questions tagged [scuba-diving]

For questions generally related to the outdoor marine activity of scuba diving.

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3 answers

Dry Suit Shorts: Do they exist? [closed]

Is it possible to purchase dry shorts/bottoms that keep the water out in a similar way that a dry suit does? Thank you!
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2 answers

Is it possible to switch Trimix and Air in a dive?

I heard that there might be a problem (in German: "isobare Gegendiffusion") when you switch breathing gases while scuba diving if the difference in the fraction of helium is quite high. Does this ...
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Could I use a trialthlon swimming wetsuit for diving?

I am a diver, yet I always rent my wetsuits. I have been thinking of making an investment recently, but I haven't gotten around to it, as in Belgium you need some different thicknesses: 7mm (for sure, ...
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Oceanic vs. Suunto Dive Watches [closed]

I've had my Suunto D4 dive watch for about 6 years now and its served me well. A dive instructor recently spoke quite highly about her oceanic watch (she didnt have it on her at the time). I'm just ...
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How bad is washing a wetsuit in a washing machine?

Is it so bad if I wash my 5 mm wetsuit in a washing machine? I perfectly know that it's not good. What I'd really like to know is: will it reduce my wetsuit life expectation from 10 years to 5 years (...
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Is a too low ascent speed unsafe?

A friend of mine (an old scuba instructor to be honest) told me that a too slow ascent is unsafe because it increases the time you stay at higher depths. I think I have a good understanding of ...
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