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For questions about the sports of speed skating and short track speed skating; questions about skating fast in other sports should not use this tag.

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Besided speed skating, were there more world championships that did not gave a world champion?

The World Allround Speed Skating Championships have been held since 1893. In the tournament, four distances are skated. Up to 1907, the World Champion was the skater who won at least three distances. ...
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Spanish long distance speed skater in the 1980s?

We were talking about long distance speed skating recently, and I remember that in the 1980s there was a male Spanish speed skater participating at the World Championships (I don't think he ...
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Why is the first false start allowed an exception while the second is not?

The first skater to make a false start is pardoned. But the second skater, even if it is not the same person, is disqualified. What is the logic behind that? Why, if I'm not at fault in the first ...
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