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The collection of statistics in sports and how they are used. Please also tag questions with the sport or sports being referred to.

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What does the stat WHIP in baseball mean?

Can someone please explain to me what the statistic "WHIP" means in the game of baseball?
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Who keeps the record of each international cricket match?

There are lot of websites (like ESPN or Yahoo) that mention the statistics and records of all the international / domestic cricket matches. But, is there any international reputed agency that keeps ...
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When is a sacrifice bunt a statistically "good" option?

In the past several years the sacrifice bunt has come under fire as a "waste of an at bat" and "lowering your chance to score." No one denies that outs are very valuable in baseball, but is it ever a ...
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How is WAR defined as a baseball statistic?

WAR (wins above replacement) is a statistic that is often used to describe the value of a baseball player's performance in a given year. How is this statistic determined? What are the differences ...
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