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Who holds the most World Championship titles in a mainstream/Olympic sports discipline?

Since Surfing became an Olympic discipline at the 2020 (21) Games, the 11 (eleven!) annual World Championship titles of Surfing Legend Kelly Slater (92, 94-98, 05, 06, 08, 10, 11) sound like an even ...
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Where do folds come from on a surfboard and are they bad? [closed]

Why are there sometimes folds on the top of a surfboard and where do they come from? Do they mean the board is in bad shape (or more exactly, is the board less usable or less effective)?
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Saw this old picture about 1+1=tube, but I can't seem to get the joke [closed]

Here is the picture: The reason I asked this question under 'Sports' is because it seemed to have something to do with surfing. Why is 1+1 equal to tube? Can someone explain it to me?
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Is 35 too old to learn to skateboard and water surfing?

I am 35 y/o non-athletic male with an average body. I have never skated before (neither board nor blades) and have not done surfing either. I would like to give these sports a go but am concerned ...
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How can I determine safe surfing conditions from a surf report for a beginner?

I'm not a strong swimmer, and I'm not positive I could swim back to shore if my leash were to snap. I understand this is a major risk, and I'm taking steps to mitigate it (I've begun private swimming ...
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Stand Up Paddle Surfing Wetsuit

I'm looking to start Stand Up Paddle Surfing on the Great Lakes in the US and would like to be comfortable and extend the season a little by getting a wetsuit. Are there certain types of suits that ...
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Which surfing spot has the longest barrels?

Is Skeleton Bay - Namibia - the one with the longest barrels of the world?
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What are the typical / expected results of using too large a surfboard?

I'm having a rough time learning how to surf. I've gone enough times now (20 to 25 times) to notice a consistent point of failure. I've tried laying farther front or farther back, catching the "energy"...
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Is it possible to ride on windsurfing inside tube (tubular wave)?

Surfing inside a tube "is surfing’s single greatest act; the supreme maneuver, the ultimate conquest." Can it be done using windsuring (= board with rig) ?
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What kite-surfing equipment should I start with?

To start with, find below some of my characteristics/equipement: 15 years of age 1.92 m / 6.3 ft 65 kg / 150 pounds I'm in, what I consider to be, reasonable physical condition Pretty good with ...
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How is a surfing contest judged?

I've never really quite understood surfing. How is a surfing contest judged? As in, who is declared the winner of a contest? Is it the one riding the waves the longest or the one riding it with ...
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