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Questions about the sport of table tennis. Also referred to by many as "ping pong".

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Was there ever a rule requiring diagonal serve in table tennis singles games?

When I was a kid (born in the mid-70s, in Sweden) and we played (for fun), we required that the serve was diagonal in a table tennis singles game. I've spoken to people all over Europe that applied ...
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Alternative to table tennis glue?

The rubber of my table tennis bat is starting to peel off one "corner". Are there any household products I can use to stick it back that will not damage the rubber too much?
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What cleaning agent is safe to use for ping pong paddles?

I just got a new ping pong paddle, and I want to be able to clean the rubbers without damaging them or affecting their tackiness. On Amazon I see lots of expensive little spray bottles for cleaning ...
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What is the fairest point system for league table for a group friends playing a 1v1 game amongst each other every once in a while?

For context, me and my colleagues want to set up a point system for a 1v1 table tennis league table in our office which would get updated every time people play each other. We want to award points for ...
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What is Donic-Schildkröt's "QRC system"?

As I know from official page, With the QRC (Quick Rubber Change) rubbers you can simply stick on the new or higher-class coverings. The unique Schildkröt QRC system is designed to replace and upgrade ...
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