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Questions tagged [training]

Questions about physical conditioning and other preparation for sport. Questions about general physical conditioning can be asked at Physical Fitness SE. Questions must also be tagged for the specific sport.

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Is there a connection between serious injuries/deaths in boxing and having one's father in one's corner?

In the commentary on the tragic 2005 Leavander Johnson/Jesus Chavez fight, which claimed the life of Leavander Johnson, commentator Jim Lampley said that there are two things that seem to be "constant"...
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Training motor skills for inexperienced athletes

I captain a team made up of a group of players coming from very different backgrounds, something quite common in our sport. Some of them, all in their 20s, have no prior sports experience, and their ...
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What's the purpose of calculating jumping take off speed by using a force plate?

In looking for real world applications of the impulse momentum theorem in physics education, I found as one application to calculate the take-off velocity of an athlete in a vertical jump by measuring ...
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Average length of uninterrupted play in basketball

I am wondering, if there are any statistics about the average time a basketball game is "live", that means there is no whistle by the referee (dead ball) and no chance for the players to rest (even ...
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Is there a dry-top for the freestyle snorkel?

I own a Finis Freestyle snorkel. Along with it I had bought a snorkel dry top as well; only to, later, discover that it only works with the regular snorkels and not with the freestyle version. Does ...
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Cool down games for gymnastics?

Does anyone know some good cool down games for gymnastics? It is for around 15 children and 2 floor strips. There are plenty of poxes, ropes and hoops that can be utilized. Games which have been ...
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Alternative to punching bag

I'm not entirely sure this question fits here, but here we go. I've started with boxing/kickboxen a bit over a year ago. Now I'm looking for a way to train at home. Especially with a punching bag or ...
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Giving training to a person with ADHD

I am a member of a capoeira group and recently a child of 8 came to us. His mother said that he has a "strong ADHD". He is visibly different than the other kids. I never encountered someone ...
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Does water training help with competitive eating speed?

I entered a 2 pound burger eating contest and I've been researching water training. Water training helps with stretching the stomach to consume more in capacity, but I'm curious if water training also ...
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