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Ultimate is a team sport played with a flying disc.

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In ultimate frisbee under what circumstances can I catch my own throw?

I know that I cant simply throw to myself if I am the thrower. I also know that I can't intentiomally "bounce" the disc of an opponent and catch it. I also know that a team mate may knock it ...
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In Ultimate Frisbee is a defender required to make way for an offensive player on the run?

Meaning the defender is in position and the offensive player runs straight at/into the defender. Is this a foul? Is this a dangerous play? Should the defender get out of the way and let the offensive ...
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How close can a player on the defending side get to the player holding the disc?

Given: In the case a player x, from team A holds the disc. Team A is on the offence, and team B is defending. How close can player y, from team B get to player x when attempting to block a pass?
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What is "double universe point" in Ultimate Frisbee?

The sport of Ultimate has many strange terms. One of them is "universe point". But what is "double universe point", apparently happening at the end of this game?
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Defense against an isolation play

I'm a geezer now, but when I played competitive ultimate, a specific type of isolation play was very popular. Near the end zone, the handler would call out "Iso bob" (or whatever they wanted to ...
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Are there standards for the quality of an Ultimate Frisbee game disc?

Frisbees which were used on the beach or pavement have torn up rims. Frisbees which were used to play fetch have teeth marks and little dents in them. Frisbees which were stepped on get bent, and if ...
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In Ultimate Frisbee, what is 'universe point'?

I recently read a tourney report where they talked about a game that ended with 'universe point'. I don't exactly know what that is however. So, what exactly is 'universe point', and when/how is it ...
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Is it a foul in ultimate if the pursuer unintentionally clips the runner from behind?

When I play recreational ultimate, I pursue my man or a player a lot. Sometimes, out of nowhere, their back foot clip my thigh while running and they trip. It looks bad from far away and a foul is ...
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